Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Celtic Knot

The Celtic knot goes by a few names - pretzel braid, knot braid, infinity knot. What ever you know it as, I'm sure you remember it for how unique it is. The way I learnt how to do this wasn't by any youtube tutorials or pictorials, it was simply me looping hair round and comparing my creations to the picture.
People will definitely compliment you if you wear this as a casual hair do. At more formal events this will fit in perfectly with curls to create a soft and simple look.

This knot was also used in Pretty Pull-Backs, have a look at that post to see another picture of this braid and learn how to do a heart braid.
I made a pictorial for this one because it is quite hard to explain:

Leave pictures of you tries of the Celtic knot in the comments! I love to see them.

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