Saturday, February 22, 2014

Upside Down Dutch Braids

Turn it on it's head

Easy and quick to do on your self, this hairstyles looks both casual and elegant depending on how you dress it. 

1. Clip up half the hair on top of the head.
2. Flip the hair upside down and start a dutch braid at the base of the neck.
3. A dutch it like a french but instead of picking up hair and crossing over, cross under so the braid looks raised.
4. Braid to the crown of the head then take out the rest of the hair and put it into a high pony tail.
5. For the style on the left I did lots of small curls then used some bobby pins to clip them into a bun shape around the hair band. For the style on the right I simply left it in a pony tail and did one curl. I think this looks more casual and will look great if you are doing some kind of sport where your pony tail will swish around.