Saturday, October 26, 2013

Five Strand Dutch Braid

A complicated dutch braid

If you can do a dutch braid this will be much easier. Try and learn how to do that first.
The five strand braid looks so different and will definitely get peoples attention!
You can do this as a french braid, a normal braid or like this (dutch).
To make this look even more beautiful, tug on the edge of each outside stitch. This is also known as pancaking and makes your hair appear thicker and more luxurious. I have previously blogged about how a fishtail looks when it is pancaked ~ Pancaked Fishtails.

1. Brush out the hair and take the top section. Split it into five sections.
2. For the first stitch, cross the left-most strand under and over the next ones until you get to the last section.
3. Start from the left again.
4. On the rest of the stitches, add a layer of hair to the left-most section and then start weaving it through. When you get to the right-most section add a layer of hair on that side to the section.
5. Continue these steps until you get to the neck, then you continue braiding without adding hair.

To make this into a french braid version: cross the left-most section over and then under the rest of the sections.

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