Monday, October 07, 2013

Fishtails For All

This is my first post so I thought I'd keep it simple; fishtails are in! 

I am seeing fishtails everywhere, they started off as a luxury hairstyle but are now becoming more common as people realize just how easy they are to do. 
You can wear them in so many different ways or simply as a casual side braid. Keep them neat and tidy or pancake them out to make them messy and thick (this is especially good if you have thin hair that usually lays there looking limp). I personally like to intertwine them into other hairstyles as a little added detail. For example: wrapped around a bun or two on either side of you face.
As you can see, I have french braided the fishtail on the left to make sure it holds back any shorter layers at the front of the hair and to make it more interesting then starting at the neck. 
On the right side I separated the hair into three equal sections and individually fishtailed each one. Then with these I braided them together into a three strand braid.  

How to fishtail:

1. Split the hair into two sections.
2. Take a small section from the outside edge of one of the sections and cross it over and add it to the inside edge of the other section. This is now part of this side.
3. Take a small section fromt the other side and cross it over and add it into the other section. 
4. Repeat until you run out of hair.

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