Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Pretty Pull-Backs

When your hair just won't cooperate, go for the half up half down style.

But why stop there? Why not make it even prettier and add some extra detail?
This simple hair style can be transformed into beautiful, intricate, patterns. Wear it out and you will certainly get compliments! 
Style the front however you like and curl the bottom layer of hair to make it even more elegant.
 I love this hair style as it takes the hair off my face but leaves it down to fall naturally or curly at the back. There are so many ways of wearing your hair like this, experiment to find your favourite one.

For the up-do on the left:
Heart Braid
1. Section off the top layer and tie the rest of the hair with a hair band.
2. Split the top layer in half and three strand braid each one.
3. Twist each braid inwards and pin them in place so the ends point down.
4. Tie the ends together with a see-through elastic or a decorative hair band.

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