Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Fishtailed Bun

Make what was going to be a messy bun, into a going out bun...

This hairstyle is practical and beautiful. You can style the front however you like and then have this gorgeous display at the back. I like to have the bun to one side and at the bottom of the head to make it more into an even hairstyle. Start with a pony tail then do a fishtail to make it more day wear.
In the two photos I have included below, I added some more detail by clipping in some hair accessories. The photo on the left has a french fishtail going around the head and four diamond slide in grips from Accessorize.
The second photo has some mini regular braids incorporated into the bun with a coral coloured flower clip from Claire's. Use a coloured accessory to bring an outfit together.

To see more fishtail based hairstyles click on my previous posts Fishtails For All and Pancaked Fishtails.

1. Split the hair into two sections.
2. Take a small section from the outside edge of one of the sections and cross it over and add it to the inside edge of the other section. This is now part of this side.
3. Take a small section from the other side and cross it over and add it into the other section. 
4. Repeat until you run out of hair.

For a french fishtail simply start a fishtail at the top of the head and add some extra hair in every time you cross a new section over. When the fishtail is complete twist it around then pin in place with as many clips as you feel is needed for it to be secure.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Celtic Knot

The Celtic knot goes by a few names - pretzel braid, knot braid, infinity knot. What ever you know it as, I'm sure you remember it for how unique it is. The way I learnt how to do this wasn't by any youtube tutorials or pictorials, it was simply me looping hair round and comparing my creations to the picture.
People will definitely compliment you if you wear this as a casual hair do. At more formal events this will fit in perfectly with curls to create a soft and simple look.

This knot was also used in Pretty Pull-Backs, have a look at that post to see another picture of this braid and learn how to do a heart braid.
I made a pictorial for this one because it is quite hard to explain:

Leave pictures of you tries of the Celtic knot in the comments! I love to see them.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Lace Braids

Take up the layers

You may have come across french braids and this is only slightly different.
On french braids, you take hair from both sides whereas in a lace braid you only take hair from the top (lace braids work best horizontal).
This braid is really good on thick hair as it holds up the whole top layer which thins it out.
My favourite way of doing this is to do more than one to create a repeated effect on each layer.
I love the way it looks on sun kissed hair as the layers get darker and darker towards the bottom which really shows all the natural colour tones in the hair.
In the style on the left I chose to leave the rest of the hair as three regular braids. However, another option is to take the left over hair over the shoulder and made a regular braid with the ends of the little braids.

I think this braid is pretty self explanatory if you know how to french braid. For those who don't I will explain :)

1. Do the first stitch of a regular three strand braid at the side of the head just above the ear.
2. Every time you cross over the top strand: add a little bit of hair in from the top of the head. Don't add too much at a time or you will run out of hair at the top and the braid will get too thick.
3. Continue doing this and start to gradually curve the braid downwards as you get to the other side of the head. Finish off with a regular braid.
4. Repeat this but take hair from under the previous lace braid. Do however many lace braids you think you can fit in.
5. As a finishing touch, pull at the hair on the crown of the head to poof it up a little.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Six Strand Braid ~ 2nd Edition

Three strands not enough? Double it!

There are 3 different variations of the 6 strand braid, some are easier than others but holding on to six sections and not dropping one is always going to be hard!
I will tell you how to do the ways I know how to do but there may be other ways too, though I hope there are no more six strand braid versions, I won't be able to take any more.
I think these look great in the winter because they are very thick and leave hair around your face to keep your ears warm.

Start all of them be splitting the hair into 6 sections (half and then into 3 is the best way of getting even sizes)

1. The first one is what I think is the easiest. Start with the right most section and weave it (cross it over and under) through all the other sections. When you get to the other side do the same going the other way. Repeat this until the sections become too short and tie it off with a hair band.

2. I think this one looks the best and is also easy to do. Weave the rightmost strand through the other sections then cross the left most section under what was the right most section. Then start from the right again and weave with the new right most strand and then cross the leftmost strand under it. Repeat until you run out of hair then tie off with a hair band.

3. This is probably the hardest one. It is the one I found hardest to get right the first time anyway. I have already done how to do this one (hence this being a second edition) The link to that post is here.