Monday, November 04, 2013

Six Strand Braid ~ 2nd Edition

Three strands not enough? Double it!

There are 3 different variations of the 6 strand braid, some are easier than others but holding on to six sections and not dropping one is always going to be hard!
I will tell you how to do the ways I know how to do but there may be other ways too, though I hope there are no more six strand braid versions, I won't be able to take any more.
I think these look great in the winter because they are very thick and leave hair around your face to keep your ears warm.

Start all of them be splitting the hair into 6 sections (half and then into 3 is the best way of getting even sizes)

1. The first one is what I think is the easiest. Start with the right most section and weave it (cross it over and under) through all the other sections. When you get to the other side do the same going the other way. Repeat this until the sections become too short and tie it off with a hair band.

2. I think this one looks the best and is also easy to do. Weave the rightmost strand through the other sections then cross the left most section under what was the right most section. Then start from the right again and weave with the new right most strand and then cross the leftmost strand under it. Repeat until you run out of hair then tie off with a hair band.

3. This is probably the hardest one. It is the one I found hardest to get right the first time anyway. I have already done how to do this one (hence this being a second edition) The link to that post is here.

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