Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Lace Braids

Take up the layers

You may have come across french braids and this is only slightly different.
On french braids, you take hair from both sides whereas in a lace braid you only take hair from the top (lace braids work best horizontal).
This braid is really good on thick hair as it holds up the whole top layer which thins it out.
My favourite way of doing this is to do more than one to create a repeated effect on each layer.
I love the way it looks on sun kissed hair as the layers get darker and darker towards the bottom which really shows all the natural colour tones in the hair.
In the style on the left I chose to leave the rest of the hair as three regular braids. However, another option is to take the left over hair over the shoulder and made a regular braid with the ends of the little braids.

I think this braid is pretty self explanatory if you know how to french braid. For those who don't I will explain :)

1. Do the first stitch of a regular three strand braid at the side of the head just above the ear.
2. Every time you cross over the top strand: add a little bit of hair in from the top of the head. Don't add too much at a time or you will run out of hair at the top and the braid will get too thick.
3. Continue doing this and start to gradually curve the braid downwards as you get to the other side of the head. Finish off with a regular braid.
4. Repeat this but take hair from under the previous lace braid. Do however many lace braids you think you can fit in.
5. As a finishing touch, pull at the hair on the crown of the head to poof it up a little.

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