Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mini Claw Clips

So useful for holding back shorter layers

These clips are literally my best friend. 
They are so useful for holding shorter layers when you are trying to braid, if you do this you won't get short tufts of hair spraying out from the side of the braid. I used it for this in the picture on the right.
You can also create styles just using the clips (such as the style on the right).
Another thing I use these grips for is around the edge of a messy bun. They look really pretty but also practical. Sometimes messy buns can get a little too messy and make it too loose to stay up. With these you can keep the messy effect but make it secure so it doesn't fall out.

The Mermaid Clip Back:

On the right side I was going to just use one clip to hold the short front bits from the face just like a pull back (link to previous Pretty Pull-Backs post)
However, I got a bit carried away and started to take more and more layers, creating a simple version of a mermaid braid, but with out the braid part!

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  1. These clips are so useful especially if a hair style becomes loose through the day you can just clip back up into place. Can be found in a variety of colours and styles too!