Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pancaked Fishtails

Make your fishtails look thick and voluminous 

I am obsessed with pancaking!
When I started this fishtail I planned it to just be a normal one but when I started pancaking a little, it turned into a lot!
Pancaking is when you pinch the edge of each stitch in the braid and tug at it gently. This pulls the braid apart which makes it wider, this give the impression you have thick hair.
For this style I used Mini Claw Clips to hold up the small pull back fishtails whilst I fishtailed the rest of the hair. I then took out the clip once the ends had been braided into the main fishtail.
The pancaking gives the style a relaxed look. This also creates soft, over night waves.
To help hold the waves and give an even better texture: add salt spray.

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