Thursday, October 17, 2013

Waterfall Braid

A subtle bit of detail

This braid leaves the rest of your hair down to do what you want but adds detail and the look of effort to your hair.
This takes only 2 minutes and looks great if you have yesterdays curls left in.
From the front it looks like you have your hair simply clipped back but the back looks beautiful: great for holding your hair off your face or when you are trying to grow out a fringe.
I also find that it thins out the hair a lot because it takes the top layer up, great for in the summer and thick hair in general.
It works on any length hair which can be straight or curly.

1. Do one stitch of a regular 3 strand braid at the front of your hair.
2. Add a section of hair from the top of the head to replace the section you were crossing over the middle from the top. Drop this section and use the new one.
3. Add a tiny bit of hair from under the braid to flatten it down a little.
4. Continue adding and dropping hair until you get all the way around the the head.
5. Finish it off with a regular 3 strand braid.
6. Lift up a layer of the hair and clip this braid underneath so you can't see where the waterfall braid starts and ends.
7. Lightly brush over the hair to smooth it out.

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