Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Braid Drawings!

If you are reading my blog posts you are probably aware that I also have an instagram where I post all these hairstyles (@braidsnfashion). I have over 19,000 followers on there and some of them have drawn my braids! I love each and every drawing and if I see them I always repost them. It occurred to me that I hadn't shared them with my blog readers so here they are next to the actual photos:
By @jaaaanak

 By @iridescent_sketches and @giving_life_colours

 By @bu_doodles

 By @potato_draw

By @color_with_creativity
These are just some of the recent ones! To see more go to my instagram and scroll though :) I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post today xx

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Crimped Braids

One of my all time favourites 

I have been crimping my hair for as long as I can remember! It'll always be my favourite heat tool for hair and I love the texture it gives. Another great thing about crimping is the way it looks when it's braided, different and volumious! I personally love to just wear it with my hair down and all crimped but you can braid it or even just crimp the very roots of your hair for more volume. If the whole crimped look isn't your cup of tea then the tool can still be used to create volume without back combing.

Play around with crimping and find which styles you think work!