Thursday, October 10, 2013

Six Strand Braid

So many strands! Where to begin?

3 strands aren't enough? Why not double that to 6! This six strand braid looks so complicated but you will soon get the hang of it. 
Do this starting from a pony tail to make it even more striking.
Add some ribbons into the hair and tie it in a bow at the end of the braid.

How To:

This is quite complicated but simple when you know how so it may help to also look at a tutorial on youtube, I suggest Luxy Hair youtube channel (link in my side bar).

1. Split the hair into six parts (easiest way is in half then into three parts each)
2. Start on the right side with three parts, cross the rightmost strand over the one next to it and then the middle strand over what was previously the rightmost strand.
3. Get other person you are doing this braid on to hold these strands so you can move onto the other side.
4. On the left side, cross the left most strand under the one next to it and the middle strand under the previous left most strand.
5. Cross what was the left most strand under what was the right most strand (cross over the two middle strands)
6. Now repeat until you run out of hair.

I know this is complicated and if you are doing it on your self you will have to practice not dropping sections.
I have tried to explain this as well as possible but maybe read it a few times to make sense.

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