Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dutch Braids / Crown Braids

Create a more prominent braid than the french braid

If you can french braid you can do this no problem!
I love dutch braids as they aren't quite as casual as french braids but are still day to day wearable.
Glam it up a bit with some hair accessories. If you have thin hair pancake it out a little to make it appear thicker.
Pancaking is when you lightly pinch the edge of each 'stitch' of the braid and pull it out a little. You can pancake as much or as little as you like and it also flattens the braid a little so it is good if you know you are going to be putting a hat or helmet on during the day. 

For the style on the left:

Crown Braid:

1. Start at the top of the hair, take a section and separate it into 3 parts. Instead of braiding by crossing the edge section over the middle section, cross them under the middle.
2. For every 'stitch', add some hair from the front of the head on one side. 
3. Once you get to behind the ear, start adding bits of hair from the center of the head as well as from the edge. 
4. When you have gone all the way around the head finish of braiding with a normal three strand braid.
5. Tie this off with a small elastic and tuck it under the beginning of the braid. Make sure to use a good amount of clips to keep it succure.
6. Pancake as much as you want. Finished :)

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