Sunday, October 13, 2013

Salt Spray

Create soft and textured waves

I am loving this spray.
Salt Spray is currently one of my favourite hair products as it doesn't make the hair sticky or stiff, but still keeps the hair style secure.
Beach waves are what this product is aimed at and it definitely does it's job!
When you have heat less overnight waves in your hair, the best thing to keep it in but to still look soft and natural is definitely this spray.
If you like your hair so look a bit scruffy and messy then spray this before putting it in a messy bun or a simple pony tail and no hair spray and hardly any back combing is required. Back combing is not good for your hair as it breaks it and then makes it so knotty it is hard to brush out every night.
I used it on my natural hair and barely used any spray and only scrunched a little and it created very big waves but made it look so soft. I use it mainly to make my hair look soft rather than for the waves.

When you spray it use your hands to scrunch up the hair and release and repeat until you get your desired look.
I purchased this from the hair products isle in my local Boots and it was under £4. This is a great deal as it works great and lasts a long time.
It also smells delicious.

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