Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Fishtailed Bun

Make what was going to be a messy bun, into a going out bun...

This hairstyle is practical and beautiful. You can style the front however you like and then have this gorgeous display at the back. I like to have the bun to one side and at the bottom of the head to make it more into an even hairstyle. Start with a pony tail then do a fishtail to make it more day wear.
In the two photos I have included below, I added some more detail by clipping in some hair accessories. The photo on the left has a french fishtail going around the head and four diamond slide in grips from Accessorize.
The second photo has some mini regular braids incorporated into the bun with a coral coloured flower clip from Claire's. Use a coloured accessory to bring an outfit together.

To see more fishtail based hairstyles click on my previous posts Fishtails For All and Pancaked Fishtails.

1. Split the hair into two sections.
2. Take a small section from the outside edge of one of the sections and cross it over and add it to the inside edge of the other section. This is now part of this side.
3. Take a small section from the other side and cross it over and add it into the other section. 
4. Repeat until you run out of hair.

For a french fishtail simply start a fishtail at the top of the head and add some extra hair in every time you cross a new section over. When the fishtail is complete twist it around then pin in place with as many clips as you feel is needed for it to be secure.

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