Sunday, December 01, 2013

Butterfly Braid

Different and detailed

Is soon as I saw this hairstyles I just had to try it out! Even now I have worked out how to do it, the way it looks like a butterfly still fascinates me.

I did a pictorial for this one so I could remember how to do it again but its not as hard as it looks!

1. Start with the hair in a mid height pony tail.
2. Split the hair in half and clip it up.
3. Split one side in half again.
4. Do a lace braid with the top quarter of hair, start with it at the top of the pony tail and angle the braid round to make a semi-circle.
5. Make a smaller lace braid with the bottom quarter of hair.
6. Split the hair in two on the other side and repeat steps 4 and 5.
7. Wrap three of the braid ends around the ponytail and bring one up the middle of the wings.
8. Clip it on place and use as much hair wax/jell/spray as needed to keep the antenna in place.
9. If you want this hair style to stay in all day us lots of hairspray.

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