Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Waterfall Twists

Simple yet stylish

This hairstyles is the simplest they come. On the left picture I did two around the crown of the head and pulled up the sections to add more volume to the hair. You don't have to do two but I think it looks better than just one.
I would suggest the hairstyle on the right for people with a centre parting. It has a very even look to it at the front and a creative twist to it at the back. Once you know how to waterfall twist, crossing them over won't be a problem.

1. Take two sections of hair from the front of the head.
2. Twist them together and after every twist add a pinch of hair between them.
3. Finish off at the end by twisting both sections one way, then twisting them together the opposite way.
4. Pinch the top of each section that was dropped through the twist if you like.

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