Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Bow Bun

Cute and girly...

With this cute bow on the side of a casual bun, you will get so many compliments!
Make it small and simple or messy and quirky. This can be done without a bun but with longer hair it doesn't work and just falls out, the bun uses up hair and makes it neater and sturdier.

1. Brush the hair and tie it into a high ponytail.
2. Pull the ponytail through a hair doughnut, spread the hair over it and put a hair band around the bun.
3. Take the hair around to one side and split it into two equal pieces and one small piece.
4. Clip the small section of hair away from the rest.
5. Use your fingers to twist one big section of hair vertically and use as many bobby pins as you need to secure it to the side of the bun.
6. Do this on the other side with the other big section of hair and clip it in place. Pull and clip the hair to make them even.
7. Fold up the small piece of hair and clip it in the middle of the bow.
8. Hair spray it to make it stay in place.

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