Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ladder Braids

I love how this braid looks on high lighted hair - it brings out all the beautiful colours in any hair and makes a gorgeously simple hairstyle. The braiding techniques for this braid can be used in so many different ways to create more braids or even to add to simpler braids.
1. Start at the front of the hair and do one 'stitch' of a regular braid.
2. Continue braiding around the head; every time you cross over from the top add a section of hair like you're doing a french braid.
3. Every time you cross over from the bottom, take a small section from the strand a leave it hanging underneath the braid (you will use this later).
4. Finish this braid with a regular 3 strand.
5. Start another braid on the same side as the first one just underneath it.
6. Add the previously dropped pieces of hair from the first braid into the second braid every time you cross over from the top.
7. Finish this in a regular 3 strand.

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