Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Starburst Braid

One of my favourites!

The pains of having long thick hair have been solved in this one hair style. 

I have very long and thick, heavy hair ~ which is beautiful ~ but it can be a chore to just tie it back. Pony tails are out of the question as they weigh too much and give me a head ache. 
However, all is not lost as this hair style is really light and doesn't put any pressure in one place. If you can do a french braid you can do this. 
It is perfect for summer when it is too hot to have your locks flowing loose and creates lovely no heat over night waves.
There are so many ways you could change this braid and make it your own; add an extra lace braid around the front, use a twist instead of a braid or you could experiment with a four strand instead!

To do this braid:
1. Brush the hair and make a small pony-tail on the crown of the head. Leave hair all the way around the edge.
2. Split the pony-tail in half and tie it into a bun; this will stop you from using up the hair in the centre too quickly and running out at the end.
3. Start a french braid behind the ear using hair from the centre pony-tail and hair around the edge.
4. Once you get half way around the head take down the rest of the pony-tail.
5. Continue all the way round then finish with a regular braid.
6. Tie off the braid and tuck it under the hair and wrap around the pony-tail hair band. Use a bobby pin to keep the hair tucked in.

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  1. This style also works if your hair is not so thick but still has length. it give s a bit off 'lift' off the crown of the head too!