Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stacked Braids

This braid is so simple to do and adds a dash of detail to a style. There are as many variations of this braid as you can think of, the only limit is your imagination with this one! You could even stack more than two braids and add an extra one on top. For my two examples below I did a dutch braid with a smaller version on top and for the second one I did a simple side braid with a fishtail detail (with a guest appearance of my sparkly nails done by my mum).

How to:
1. do one stitch of a regular braid.
2. take a small section from the centre section and hold it out the way.
3. then use the rest of the section to do one more stitch of the braid (to make it french or dutch add some more hair in.
4. with the new centre bit take a small section out and continue braiding).
5. keep taking out small sections for every new centre piece until you run out of hair.
6. go back to the top of the braid and start a braid with the hair left out of the previous braid.
7. keep adding in the hair left out until you run out of hair and tie it with the same hair band at the bottom.

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  1. i wish you had tutorial videos. i think it would help a lot more than brief instruction lists.