Friday, April 11, 2014

Bow Braids

So cute and easy to do on wet or dry hair

There are lots of different variations of this braid that can be done to suit the occasion and style you want. For a girly and practical style do two braids to hold all the hair up and back. For a more relaxed style have half the hair down and a smaller braid across the front, you could continue this around and end with a side braid or continue it as a lace braid to keep half the hair down.

I got a practise head for Christmas which I am so happy about so I will be able to practise even more styles! It is also good for pictorials because I can easily move it to the angle I want.

Here is a tutorial for the bow braid(I did one side already):

1. Split the hair in half down the middle.
2. Take a thin section vertically next the centre parting and clip it away to use later.
3. French braid the hair.
4. Use a bun pin and hook it under a bit of hair in the braid.
5. Use another bun pin and take the hair that was clipped away for later.
6. Pull a loop of hair through the first bun pin.
7. Pull the first bun pin through the braid and gently pull both pins on either side to make a bow; the tiny bit of hair sticking out underneath will be covered by other bows.
8. Continue to do more bows all along the french braid until you run out of hair down the centre, finish with a regular braid.

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